Loop Findr Publicity

There has been lots of publicity for Loop Findr this past few days. It seemed to start with a post on Prosthetic Knowledge and was followed by a tweet from my professor Golan Levin. At some point The Creator’s Project posted an article and it was followed by a fantastic feature on Wired. It was a crazy whirlwind of activity which revealed that I had the wrong email notification settings for Twitter and Vimeo. I saw social networking happen in all its glory in my Gmail inbox. But I really want to thank everybody involved in spreading the word and trying the thing out. I apologize for all of the errors encountered and I hope to iron things out in the future with another release. Thank you all.

Browser Histories

In addition to working on the Chrome Tab Visualization (github) I’ve also begun to experiment with using Twitter as a browsing history. To comment on the decreasing amount of private information about our online activities, I wanted to completely broadcast what I do when I’m on the Internet.  Initially, I wanted to find all of the Twitter share buttons on every page that I visit and programmatically click those and share whatever media was displayed on that page that included a “Tweet” button, just because I thought those buttons were amusing and it would be entertaining to see the results. However, lots of sites have their own way of displaying these buttons which makes it infeasible to find all of these. I changed my goal and just decided to Tweet the title and URL of every website visit that I make. So I developed another Chrome Extension that does just that.  The results can be seen here @CollinBrowses and in the screenshots.